We buy Bitcoin at a price that is 25% above the market price. In other words, you sell us Bitcoin and make a 25% profit immediately! For reasons of anonymity, we are unable to purchase large quantities of cryptocurrencies in the Localbitcoins. As we know, Long-term, large-volume purchases of cryptocurrencies are easily detected and monitored by Localbitcoins. But why we need a lot of cryptocurrencies, that's our business, please don't be curious. The minimum starting price is $100.Then we'll transfer $125 to your bank card in less than five hours. (Visa/MasterCard/PayPal is all available for collection.) Our strength is far beyond your imagination. So there is no upper limit to the amount of bitcoin acquisition. Large orders will be transferred to you through a multi-person account. After you place the order, our staff will send you an email asking for your payment account. Our money is safe and fine. There is no need to worry about that. Our goal is to obtain a large number of cryptocurrencies through a large number of customers. That's what we're working on. You can buy BTC from the Localbitcoins at a low price and sell it to us at a high price. If we work together for a long time and do so frequently, your income will increase significantly.

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